domingo, 11 de outubro de 2009

Hip Hop - More than a dance a cultural movement for freedom!

Photo by © Niro

My daughter Carol (on left) dancing Hip Hop at the Taguatingua's Festival Dance! Many parents forbid their sons to dance it by prejudice. I feel proud because Carol in finding her own identitie experimenting others cultures! Briefly the full video!

For who don't know "Hip hop as a cultural movement "manifest in B-boying (breakdancing), graffiti writing, DJing and eMCeeing/rapping – is an artistic commitment to seize freedom from oppressive social conditions. This artistic commitment inherent in Hip Hop culture expresses a reality of human transcendence which was originally born out of the creative impulse and cultural improvisation of the oppressed Black American community of New York City (with the South Bronx as the epicenter) in the late 1970's".
Source: Wikipedia

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