sexta-feira, 4 de dezembro de 2009

The dynamics of followers on Twitter!

There is a dynamic in social networks, as well as personal characteristics, whose behaviour is to build individual relationships networks according to their own wishes, thoughts and views.

The proposal of this post is to discuss this matter through systemic thinking. Suppose that a person has 950 followers and want to quickly reach 1,000!

So he decides to offer a gift in Twitter and writes the following message: "I'll give $100.00 to my 1,000th follower!

Question: If you had an interest in this hypothetical gift, which the strategy that you would to win it?

Thank you for your opinion!


This post is just to share ideas about the behaviour of people in social networking. The real gift of $100.00 is fictional, only one reason much larger to aggregate values: dialogue and exchange of ideas!

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