sábado, 17 de outubro de 2009

What's in a name?

Photo by © Niro

If you are feeling that your name is not expressing your real identity you should think to change it. As we are changing all the time to survive (it’s necessary because we need follow the environment changes) is possible anytime you perceive yours name is not corresponding to your name in a full sense. I’m not talking you should change your real name but yes about a nickname.
It happend with me when I was forty years old. We learn a lot of things during life and when we decide to put some of the good things in practice this change our mind. My name is Niraldo and my nickname is Niro. I keep hearing my name being called Niraldo by some persons but it’s not important. The most important is that Niraldo and Niro walks together. They are only different faces of a same identity. 

2 comentários:

  1. Meu nome é Elianne Diz de Abreu, Laura é como assinava meus escritos, mas em 2 livros, onde sairam contos meus, assinei Elianne-queria q soubessem que sou eu a Elianne...sou eu!
    É verdade.
    Não me importo se me chamam Laura ou Elianne, mas detesto qd me chamam de Eliana :)
    abs, Elianne-Laura Diz

  2. Elianne, grato pelo comentário! Elianne-Laura Diz ficou muito bonito e condiz com uma escritora!


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